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Antonius Caviar

Unique, real, top quality caviar

Find out more about the offer of the excellent Caviar Antonius brand. It’s real sturgeon caviar, proudly produced in Poland.

We offer the highest quality fresh, unpasteurized caviar. It’s obtained and prepared with the use of traditional methods used for centuries. It’s excellent caviar with unique and exceptional taste stemming from excellent conditions of sturgeon farming, crystal clear waters of Warmia and maximum attention paid to the quality of the roe. We have not only been producing caviar, but first and foremost, we have been breeding sturgeons for almost 25 years.

We pay attention to every smallest detail of the production process – from breeding sturgeons, selecting the roe to the final result, that is fresh, excellent caviar in vacuum sealed elegant tins, which is pure delight to your senses. We believe that our offer will satisfy every gourmet of this royal sturgeon delicacy.

We offer two types of caviar

Siberian caviar

comes from the Siberian sturgeon (Acipenser baerii). It is characterized by an intense aroma that will satisfy the most demanding caviar gourmet. It comes in shades from black to light brown. It is also prepared with the traditional „Malossol” method which means „with a pinch of salt.”

The most desirable 6-star caviar is obtained from the oldest female sturgeons. This royal delicacy is characterised by a rich, full flavour palette. The roe is subjected to a rigorous selection to choose only the finest pearls for caviar gourmets. It is characterized by a large roe diameter. Available in elegant tins: 30 g, 50 g i 125 g.
With an intense aroma. It’s nonpasteurised, completely natural, produced with attention to smallest details. With a velvety texture. The diameter of the roe ranges from 2.6 mm to 2.7 mm.
Traditionally prepared Siberian sturgeon caviar will crown any exceptional meeting, banquet or a dinner for two. Available in elegant tins: 30 g, 50 g i 125 g.

Oscietra caviar

comes from the Russian sturgeon (Acipenser gueldenstaedtii). It is appreciated by connoisseurs all over the world and is second most expensive caviar behind the world’s most expensive caviar from the beluga. It has a unique, saturated taste with a slight nutty note. It comes in colours of: grey, brown and olive with golden highlights. Oscietra is prepared with the traditional „Malossol” method.

It’s the pearl of our offer. Legendary delicacy of aristocracy. Appreciated all over the world. Served in the most prestigious restaurants and hotels. Gorgeous, saturated taste with a nutty note. A royal roe size (above 3 mm), extracted from the oldest female Russian sturgeons. As a result, these little wonderful pearls will satisfy the most demanding caviar connoisseurs. Available in elegant tins: 30 g, 50 g i 125 g.
This delicate, rich flavor of caviar from Russian sturgeons have been seducing the senses of kings for centuries. With a clear nutty note. Iridescent golden roe. A feast for connoisseurs. The diameter of the roe ranges from 2.9 mm to 3 mm. Available in elegant tins: 30 g, 50 g i 125 g.

Special Offer

Antonius Caviar also offers specials sets in elegant gift boxes: special, premium, prestige.

  • Antonius Caviar Prestige

    Antonius Caviar Prestige

    Double 6-star Oscietra
    with a mother of pearl spoon.

  • Antonius Caviar Premium

    Antonius Caviar Premium

    Double 6-star Siberian
    with a mother of pearl spoon.

  • Antonius Caviar Special

    Antonius Caviar Special

    6-star Oscietra and 6-star Siberian
    with a mother of pearl spoon.

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